LS17 Quicker Ki traffic V 0.001 Tutorial

LS17 Quicker Ki traffic V 0.001 Tutorial

As it always bothered me, I have the Ki traffic from 30km / h to 50km / h is set.
Important Read only !!

For the Map Sosnovka !!!
It is not a mod; just a guide for insertion into a Sampelmodmap. The attached xml file in no way in the original data folder of FarmingSimulator17 copy otherwise the multiplayer mode does not work in single player it works! But must then back up the map02_trafficSystem.xml be created.

Modmap unpack map02.id3 locate and open with Giants editor
See note on the attached picture the instructions !!!
The Insert also annexed map02_trafficSystem.xml in the folder where the map02.id3 is, the old override.
Modmap pack again to zip finished.
Play and have fun
ps: I really hope that the translation is sufficient
Because it disturbed me always, I have Ki operate from 30 km / H on 50 km / H sedately.
Importantly only read !!
For the Map Sosnovka !!!
It is no Mod; only one instructions to the insertion in a Sampelmodmap. Enclosed xml file in the original data folders of the FarmingSimulator17 on no account copy there, otherwise, the multiplayer mode not functioned, with Singelplayer it functions! If a backup copy map02_trafficSystem. xml must be provided, HOWEVER, then.

Unpack the Modmap search map02. id3 and open with Giants editor
Lake in the enclosed picture follow the instruction !!!
So enclosed map02_trafficSystem. xml in the folder where map02. id3 lies insert Which headline old ones.
Modmap again to stacks too zip ready.
To plays and joke have

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