LS17 Westerrade v1.2.0.0

LS17 Westerrade v1.2.0.0

– Shader revised
– Milk sales for standard cows installed (breeding cows is sold automatically)
– Performance revised again
– Fixed BGA_Aligator Plane
– GMK_Texturen fixed
– Mast systems and feed mixers adapted
– Field textures and flowers on the meadow again from the 1st version installed
– Sawmill and wooden pallets fixed
– various small things repaired

A few dates:
75 buyable fields with sizes from less than 1 to more than 60 hectares
2 fields very cheap to buy, because littered with weeds
no start fields – but higher silo level at the start
21 purchasable meadows
Cattle and pig fattening (with suitable transport trailers in the shop)
Slurry manure-lime
prepared for:
Trousers Ref System – Chopped Straw – Grazing Animals – Seasons – Forestry purchase

needed mods:
mCompanyGraphics – LS-Modcompany

optional mods:
grazing animals – Download RM_grazing_animals
Hose Ref System – Chopped Straw – Seasons – CCM – all found in the ModHub



All modders whose mods and scripts we have used for the Westerrade - THANK YOU!
DZB The Zocker brothers - thank you for all the support, the map ideas and great teasers!
LS Pitstop - thank you for your help and support!
LS Real Drivers - thank you very much for the help!
Thank you, who waited so patiently for a new edition of the Westerrade.
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